Here you can find Frequently Asked Questions for us to answer.

1.) How do I get the downloads in-game?
- Make sure they are being downloaded to Documents>EA Games>The Sims 2>Downloads. Then you open the zipped file(s) and cut and paste the insides outside of the zipped file. Then you delete the empty zipped file. I hope that makes more sense.

2.) What meshes do I need?
-No meshes are needed unless we say.

3.) What size are the downloads?
-Trust us. It doesn't matter. They are too small to matter whether or not its up. They are ALL under 1 MB. No worries.

4.) Some CC doesn't work for me, waht should I do?
Ask us personally, the specific creator, because it may require a mesh or a place to put it.

5.) How do I make a comment? [In News]
-Click comment, and add your user(name) and no web address or e-mail required. Just name and comment

6.) What Eps/Sps do I need?
Don't fret. Most are not needed unless the mesh comes from it. We will tell you no worries.

7.) Is it safe to download off of here.
Yes, It's perfectly safe. This site doesn't require a file hosting site and we can upload right onto here and it has to pass a virus scanner.

8.) Can I be a creator or "donate" to the site??
We'd prefer if you keep your money, but thanks. We're only in Jr High, and I can't take your money. We appricate the offer, and it makes us happy that you like our stuff so much you want to help us out, but we can't accept money. But, if you want to "donate" or be a "part-time creator" feel free to send us a note. ; ) How can you join?? Fill out the Form in the "News" section. Here are the requirements for a creator:
-You already have a site
-You are joined/creator to another site
-You are not responsible
-Don't have CC

More information will be provided when you join.

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