Hey everyone!! This is just a note for me to use.


I flowerpin! I have a question/request for you. Actually I don' t know if you take request but here goes. I have been searching for new business cloths for my legacy. I didn't find anything that I like except for over at MTS2 (except it was in pink & white.) and not exactly what I wanted. So right away I thought of you since I know you have beautiful cloths you made. I was wondering if you would like to make me a cool business outfit for my legacy shop? This is what I'm looking for either a skirt or slacks, with a small apron only around the waist and a nice shirt (doesn't have to be dressy or anything). Right now I have two women working at the shop but may add more if needed. If you would be willing to do this for me that would be great and I would definatly let everyone know when I put up the story. Thank you :) ~ tonad31


Great! Thank you so much!! The business is going to be a flower/pottery/toy shop. They are going to sell all three things in the shop. Take your time with the outfit no rush.

I had to stop with my legacy since I lost everything the other night. So I have to start all over and have yet to get started.

I will be sure to mention you in the story too once they get the business up and going :)

OH also do you have a simself? IF so may I borrow her? I have areally cool idea for my next legacy and need to insert some simselves to help me out. I have one so far but need at least two more.

Thanks again Flowerpin :) ~ tonad31

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