Ehem...........WHOOO! :D It's back! On July 13th, 2011 the site went down. On September 29th, it finally comes back up.

We must celebrate this day. So much to say and do. :D *happyexcitedme*

^^That. You have no idea how pumped I am!
So we have been busy, as you can tell. I frequently check my blog and the sims 2 backup site if you know what I am talking about so check there. I'm planning on uploading a crapload of stuff for you guys to teethe on and not complain. More is coming and I'm sorry we are so busy.

@Davina, I can't finish your requests until you respond. Sorry for the delay.
So I uploaded an OLD dress that I'm not sure if it's mesh needed or not. :/ and my other BLOG I have a tutorial.

And I will be gone camping until JULY 2nd. Okay? Good.
So I couldn't seem to figure out the regular updates and we haven't posted a lot here (mainly because of our own blogs).
This new layout looks AMAZING! And I think it is supposed to be me and Maddie. (me on left) And I had a bit more to say. I will be gone next week camping so you won't hear from me for a week. I bet you won't even notice.