Hi, it's Maddie here! I know I haven't updated in so long, but I have my excuses. I switched to the sims 3 in September, and I think I should start posting. If I post, it will be mostly patterns, or full sims. So look for that to come! (: 

-----Maddie (Madd4Purple)------
Ehem...........WHOOO! :D It's back! On July 13th, 2011 the site went down. On September 29th, it finally comes back up.

We must celebrate this day. So much to say and do. :D *happyexcitedme*


^^That. You have no idea how pumped I am!
So we have been busy, as you can tell. I frequently check my blog and the sims 2 backup site if you know what I am talking about so check there. I'm planning on uploading a crapload of stuff for you guys to teethe on and not complain. More is coming and I'm sorry we are so busy.

@Davina, I can't finish your requests until you respond. Sorry for the delay.
So I uploaded an OLD dress that I'm not sure if it's mesh needed or not. :/ and my other BLOG I have a tutorial.

And I will be gone camping until JULY 2nd. Okay? Good.
So I couldn't seem to figure out the regular updates and we haven't posted a lot here (mainly because of our own blogs).
This new layout looks AMAZING! And I think it is supposed to be me and Maddie. (me on left) And I had a bit more to say. I will be gone next week camping so you won't hear from me for a week. I bet you won't even notice.
Well we haven't updated in a while. Because we do things--other then sims and such. Read out blogs and stuff so that you can be fully uploaded. So yeah
Feel free to read and comment!!
Feel free to read and comment
Hi, it's madd4purple, and I love this website: wattpad.com (: It's where people like me and you upload stories, so it's like the story part of the exchange, well minus the sims. So, please upload and message me about it, so I can read it. HERE'S MY PROFILE (read my stories! (: )

Wattpad is also an awesome app for iPods/iPads/iPhones! (YOU NEED iTUNES!)
(: Thanks.
Okay, don't fret. Everyone get this through they're teeny skull.  DON"T BE AFRAID TO ASK!! IF SOMETHING DOESN'T WORK, ASK!! That is what the CONTACT is for. Duh!